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Real estate Palazzeta, offers the following services:

Management condos

Real estate Palazzeta offers a management service condos with professional competence, intended for all life situations of a condo, is being set up in both the ordinary and extraordinary management of the work, including the relevant entities.

All this is possible thanks to the experience gained over time, the administrator?s interdisciplinary skills and a network of established relationships with other professionals and businesses.

Services offered for the condominium management:

  • constant presence for the exact fulfillment of all service issues;
  • Annual reporting accompanied by a clear and concise analytical description;
  • Efficiency in maintenance work: the study uses an internal surveyor to the study for the timely verification of all major repairs, as well as external technical and supplier companies of their choice that over time have given the maximum guarantee and the best value for money;
  • Collaboration with the condominium board: is always maintained and sought to build a relationship of mutual trust;
  • Managing extraordinary works: contracting of works is carried out after the analysis of several estimates with an accurate comparison of prices and the supply of labor quality;
  • Arrearage: condos defaulters are regularly solicited and even prosecuted promptly and in any case under the provisions of Law 220/2012;
  • Claims management: claims that require an insurance reimbursement are handled quickly in direct contact with the expert appointed other than in order to obtain the best value-compensation expenses incurred.

Guaranteed availability administrator, even outside of normal working hours, with the possibility of availability on the phone for the management of emergencies.